by Feral States

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“I've found myself curiously drawn to Fauve's debut EP Light like a moth to a flame because of these varying styles and influences ... Cheers to these guys for stepping outside of a cultural box and into the realm of experimentation and for doing it so tastefully.” - Smile Politely Magazine

“They have a huge sound, owing in part to the string section but also due to the excellent composition of each song.” - WPGU 107.1 FM


Feral States began as a vision of composer Joseph Meland, who sought to combine the stylings of his favorite classical works with rock music. Being influenced equally by Olivier Messaien, Alfred Schnittke, and Steve Reich as he is Radiohead and Mr. Bungle, Joseph began work on music that would push rock in a new direction, not only in terms of sound, but also in its structure. After writing the first EP, Light, he enlisted fellow musicians Justin Peters, Mark Hartsuch, Sam Hasting, Noah Gehrmann, and Erik Opland to help him realize his music. The band quickly expanded from the sound of one composer to a unique combination of voices that together sound like nothing else. Their first EP entitled Light was released August 10 on Summer Sessions Records, and also features Lydia Sewell on violin I, II, and viola, and Alistair Sewell on cello. Joseph is currently wrapping up writing the second EP.



released August 10, 2013

Joseph Meland - Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Samples
Sam Hasting- Guitar
Noah Gehrmann- Guitar
Mark Hartsuch- Baritone Saxophone
Erik Opland- Bass Guitar
Justin Peters- Drums, Percussion
Lydia Sewell- Violins, Viola
Alistair Sewell- Cello

All music composed by Joseph Meland
All lyrics by Joseph Meland
Produced by Joseph Meland
Audio engineered and mixed by Nate Stephens
Mastered by Collin Jordan at Boiler Room Mastering
Cover Design by Scott Durand

Light was recorded at The Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg, The Office Batavia, Meland Studios, and the Mark Hartsuch Experiment HQ

Feral States would like to thank all of those who helped make this recording possible:

All of our families, friends, and teachers for their endless support in our pursuit of art, Brock Russell, Tiffany Janda, Catelyn Janda, Amanda Wall, Alex Brown, Scott Durand, and last but certainly not least, Hannah Barry, who inspired the song that blossomed into this project.

Miss you T-Bones, this one's for you.



all rights reserved


Feral States Urbana, Illinois

Classical and jazz musicians that play experimental orchestral rock.

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Track Name: Unhindered by Time
Sometimes I feel I'm broken
Mistaken for a puppet that's missing a string
It's ok, I know the constant is you
Beautiful you

Running through the prairie
Green grass swaying like arms as we dance
Feet leave the ground
And nothing can touch our world
Unhindered by time
Pain, hell, we'll get out alive

Sometimes I need help
Outstretched hands, fingers alternate
Healing touch, warm embrace
I want you to know you save me

We continue to fly
Endless despite clouds in the sky
Auburn light in the rain
You smile, forget all the pain

You smile, forget all the pain
Track Name: These Paintings
With a gun in his right hand
Grief stricken, latent anger
He took one last look at the paintings on the wall
By his bed

That served to remind him
Broken promise, vows left unsaid
He dreamt one last time of the life before the call
And she was dead

[solo: Mark Hartsuch]

Your deeds they'd say
Will shape who walks out of hell that day
The light from her smile obstructed by his eyes
Turned away
Track Name: Nectar
Insert the needle
My decree
Returning to you, state natural
Promise belong to me

Forced into hell, yet I've come to enjoy it
The limits push hard against my gut
My bones expose and I starve

Avert thine eyes so you can see
Sweet relief as I flow through thee
All is quiet, all is peace
Your nectar calls, go to sleep

[solo: Justin Peters]

[solo: Sam Hasting]
Track Name: Still Breathing
My heart becoming rapid - my throat is closing in
Feel myself begin to contract - I'm swelling outside
Deflating faster every second

I love the feeling of not knowing whether I'm suffocating or breathing
Invigorating, I'm still alive

My mind rises as my body sinks - a short euphoria
Becoming what I fear the most is okay as long as you cared

I love the feeling of not knowing whether I'm suffocating or breathing
But I'm not breathing, there's no adrenaline, I'm not alive anymore