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Recorded and mixed over a period of six months, "Dark" is Feral States second offering. "I began writing 'Dark' a few months before we released 'Light' last year," Joseph comments. "The sound is significantly bleaker and more unhinged when compared to that record. Not that the band will never return to sounds introduced on 'Light', but a lot of my ideas for 'Dark' stemmed from a death close to my family, and the writing process served as my catharsis. The EP also features a stronger emphasis on classical influence as well, from the inclusion of sound mass textures and musique concrète on 'Sins', to the use of non-traditional modes on 'Trapped in the Machine'".

Indeed, what the group has crafted with "Dark" poses a far more challenging listen than the music found on "Light" - and yet, with that challenge, comes a greater reward in Meland's opinion. "'Dark' is meant to be listened as one work, with each song carefully placed and leading directly into the next. Whereas 'Light' featured different sounds song by song - like, here is the song inspired by John Adams, here's the blues-rock one, etc - I wrote it with the intention of having greater uniformity throughout. There are a lot of different emotions covered from beginning to end, but I hope that the journey serves as something relatable for those that have gone through similarly painful experiences".


released August 22, 2014

Feral States is:

Joseph Meland: Vocals, piano, samples
Samuel Hasting: Lead guitar
Noah Gehrmann: Rhythm guitar
Erik Opland: Bass
Justin Peters: Drums, auxiliary percussion
Daniel Hinze: Tenor saxophone
Maciej Latawiec: Violin

Also featuring:

Rebecca Saul: Viola
Christopher Pettit: Cello
Alex Blomarz: Baritone saxophone

Music composed by Joseph Meland
Lyrics by Joseph Meland

All instruments tracked at Joseph's house in Urbana, IL, except for:
Drums tracked at Pogo Studio in Champaign, IL by James Treichler
Auxiliary percussion tracked at Justin's house in Urbana, IL

Album artwork and layout by Scott Durand

Mixed and mastered by Joseph Meland



all rights reserved


Feral States Urbana, Illinois

Classical and jazz musicians that play experimental orchestral rock.

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Track Name: Empty Sails
we walk over lonely trails, still wind in our empty sails
absent friends, falling down again
we look from the other side, failing to sense the other's cry
we walk, silence, run and be lost no more

dim light now dark, i've forgotten the glow i felt
broken sun now sets, yet something shines
when will it rise?

we touch, hearts collide
trading grief for time

(solo: samuel hasting)
Track Name: Nothing Left
i fell down in sympathy
pathos turned to misery
i got out of empathy
now i'm left with infamy

this mortal coil burns and is taking everything in my life far away
and i am scared because i know when i'm gone there's nothing left anymore
just nothingness and pain

i grew up with no complaint
unprepared for life's restraints
i stood up against what i hate
my morals led me to instigate

i am searching for an ending
fit for giving, i'm not living

(solo: daniel hinze)
Track Name: Sins
emotions in motion
carries me outside myself
extension of intention
from my sins, am i free?

distortion of proportion, contortion
i'm finding it hard to walk straight as i'm balancing my dual personalities
but am i free?

repeating, rewinding, what have i lost?
Track Name: Trapped in the Machine
succumb to the drivel
all is in place
set to homogenize

i am tired, entirely consumed
in tune, admired, despite the lie
bound and quantized

create a scene
party all night
speaking in tongues to fuel this machine

surrounded by madmen
feasting on exploitation
engineering the demise

heart pulsing, dancing
to the grid of a piano roll
it quickens and realizes
i'm trapped in the machine
Track Name: Forgotten
do you remember the stars?
retreating into the darkened sky
tiny flames rising, then disappeared

like when she stared at his small silhouette
followed until dead light cast away

i fear the burn, untimely pages turned
my eyes still sting from fire yet there's only just cold ash

we will fall and leave it all
run, then walk, reduced to crawl
and then we rise, when we die
resting while they're moving forward anew
again, remember what has happened

do i remember the stars?
they never disappeared

I'll still remain, unchanged but not the same
eternally engrained in returning flames

when i'm cold and speechless, pale
and after leaves fall, snow falls, rain falls
will you remember?
Track Name: The Blurred Figure Waits
a fog descends
friends from the past
laughing with no end

memories remain
change never found
bound of words and blood

petals will fall
all vibrance dimmed
mellowed under sun

a color fades
beauty decayed
graying as you sigh
final days gone by